Thursday, August 6, 2009

All in the details....

Now that I've finished all my homework to complete my masters I can concentrate on planning the wedding. We are hoping to set the date soon and would like to have it in seaside, Fl.
Girls... there are soooo many inspiring wedding blogs out there and an abundance of great ideas....
I feel overwhelmed already... gesh....
So tell me, what was it about your big day that made it so special?


  1. There is such a casual and beautiful feeling to weddings now. The are going to have so much fun!!!!

  2. Heh heh...this is a bit awkward for me to share...considering well i am no longer married, but anyway...I absolutely loved that every little tocuh I had was made and done by myself or my mom...and I had what I considered the BEST wedding dress with a really full train...girl, if I still had that dress I would rock it around the house, although my babies daddy would find that odd..see this whole comment is just awkward..ignore me! Have fun! Can't wait to see all the details..soo happy for you!
    P.s. what is your mom's last name?

  3. Love that picture! You are so lucky to have so many choices these days for weddings! We kept our wedding small - 60 people, with the reception at a fabulous Italian restaurant, so the food was really good (and so was the wine), with an all white cake with just some pretty fresh flowers on it. The simplicity of things made it special. Good luck!!

    :) T

  4. well...
    my wedding was in the mountains of vail;-)
    my favorite detail were the tiny individual cakes everyone had. we didn't do the big cake...just little ones for everyone.
    and we hired a photo journalist for the wedding and reception...not a photographer.
    we didn't want a bunch of group pics...she just followed us around the entire time.