Thursday, July 16, 2009

Road trip...

Girls... I'm sooooo excited I can hardly stand it....
My mom and I will be making a little road trip tomorrow...
Out to Kasey's home shopping event.... Oh gesh...
Im getting all giddy just talking about it
But no worries... I will be back... with lots of treasures I'm sure...
And of course... lots of pics... yes I talked my brother into letting me borrow his fancy camera..hehe... He had to give me a tutorial before he handed it over..
and theaten me of course..
Just a little brotherly-sisterly love that's all...
Ok... I'm signing off...
Stay tuned


  1. well i sure hope you have fun wherever you are going!
    looking forward to finally meeting you and your mom and having brunch!

  2. Yeah, have fun! Brunch??? I am missing that too, darn it! Give kasey an extra glass of the bubbly and maybe she will mark down some prices so you can get even more treasures! :) XO

  3. Looks like you had fun at Kasey's - what a fun adventure for you and your mom! Gotta love a road trip, especially when the destination is a great sale! Please stop by and check out my relatively new blog - Kasey has been an inspiration to me...Just added you to my favorites! Jill

  4. Hi There!
    Found you {via McMaster & Storm} & I think your pic. was on Kasey's blog this morning :)!Looks like we have a lot of the same "favorite"
    blogs ...
    I am fairly jealous of you getting to Lola B.s
    shop event! {Maybe next time - I will get there!}
    Thanks for the peek !

  5. Hey sweetie, had to check out your blog too! You'll have to show everyone your treasures!! I just read your previous post and it made me cry - just beautiful. Adding you to my favorites...happy Tuesday :)


  6. waiting for your pictures girl.
    i'm off to cali tomorrow and not bringing a computer....