Tuesday, October 6, 2009

If I had a bzjillion $

If I had a bjizillion dollars I would buy you all one of each
Think of this as Ashley's Favorite Things ( at the moment)
Kind of Like OPRAH's Favorite Things
Except you don't have to wait a bijizillion years for a ticket and...
I DON'T have a bijizillion dollars
But If I did
I would buy you all one of each...
I'm just sayin....






By The Way
If I had a bizijillion dollars I would do all kinds of awesome stuff like fulfill my mothers dream of owning a ranch for neglected children
But I think it would be fun to make your day
I'm just sayin


  1. Ha Ha too funny, Mom just bought that coat for herself just a few minutes ago tee hee...really its kind of weird, in a good way, how we like the same things!

  2. I love your list...not always so sure of Oprah's.
    I Too think the coat is fabulous...dj

  3. great list!
    i love that scarf too...well, the hat & the bag & the ballet flats & ....

  4. I am loving your list. That scarf!!!! You could buy us that stuff is you just saved that wedding money and eloped in Vegas..your mom would LOVE that;-)

  5. Great Choices Ashley!!! you are too cute...if I had that much money, I surely wouldn't be sitting here on booty...I would be out with you!

  6. Again, you and your mom are too cute!! HAVE TO HAVE THAT SCARF! Now is that any way to pay for a trip to Paris? Sheesh, stop showing me gorgeous stuff girl, I'm on a budget!!

    :) T