Monday, November 16, 2009

A Beautiful Place

We had a great trip.

Meeting Liz and her AweSoME assistant Meg was exactly as I'd imagined.

We were all fast friends.

They get me. They love crusty vintage goodness as much as I do.

They don't miss a thing and I'm so thankful they see the big picture.

The natural beauty of this place is stunning.

I get giddy envisioning it on our wedding day.

We also got to do some site-seeing and shopping
(stick around for some vintage goodness).

We did quite a bit of walking.

But who minds that when your in a GORGEOUS city.

We also visited an amazing bakery.

These are the lovely ladies from Back In The Day.

The owner, Cheryl, in the middle, is such a sweetie.

This place is a must-see/visit if you're ever in Savannah.

And Boy do they make a mighty GoOd cupcake.

And a yummy Chai Latte


  1. Sounds wonderful, I am so excited for you!! great photos and great colors!!

  2. Mmmm we could've done without the picta of my big FAT behind! :( Love you anyways!