Sunday, November 29, 2009


I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

I sure did.

Ate way to much food, laughed a lot, and even relaxed.

And now it's on to Christmas...
I've yet to buy a gift.
I'm working on it though.
No worries.
I'm basically a professional procrastinator.

I don't do the whole Black Friday ordeal.
To be honest its kind of scary.

I would rather pay a couple extra dollars to NOT deal with the crowd.

Did anyone take advantage of the sales today?
I'd love to hear what bargains you found.

Help a girl out ;)

All photos taken at @home vintage general


  1. middle name is procratination.
    i've learned to live with it;-)
    I'm waiting for more wedding details girl.

  2. Hey girlie! Nice Christmas pics!! I'm not much into fighting the crowds either, all though I do love Christmas shopping! All of this blogging stuff and shop business has me way behind on the Christmas shopping this year - yikes! Let me know if you find anything really fun online...

    :) T