Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just A Big Little Kid

Yes, It's true. In less than 7 months I will be a married woman. I know, I know, I've not posted much detail about the wedding lately. To be completely honest, I feel a little disconnected. I am super excited to get married. I'm excited to walk down the aisle in front of friends and family and see my best friend waiting for me... To spend the rest of our lives together. However, I feel disconnected. Disconnected from the planning process. I always thought I would be the annoying, frantic, nervous, anxious, obsessed bride-to-be.

I don't think I'm there.

It's all just a little bittersweet.

The planning process is bittersweet.

As many of you know Mr.R's mother passed away a little less than a month ago. I know, if she were here, the rehearsal dinner would be planned, she'd already have an awesomely cute dress picked out for Cait and she'd have an abundance of honeymoon options just waiting on silly ole me to give my input. She was very much a planner. Organized beyond belief. She would be so excited for our upcoming trip to Charleston.

But, she won't be joining us.

At least not physically.

I know she'll be there in spirit though.

Although I'm disappointed and saddened she couldn't be here with us, she gave me a very special gift...

Her son.

A "Big" little kid that I will get to call my hubby.

A man, who in all his childlike wonder takes a running slide down my hallway,

who cannonballs into bed,

who sings like the "song bird of his generation,"

who dances in the middle of the living room until I acknowledge his actions,

who makes me laugh and see the good in all situations regardless of the outcome.

I'm thankful that he'll be by my side...



  1. Ashley...
    he sounds amazing...
    just like you.

  2. Aww Ash this made me get a tear! Love ya

  3. bittersweet indeed Ashley, just know his mom would want this in the worst way for the two of you...make it all about YOU and HIM!!! he sounds like a ball of glad you have him to get your through this thing we call life! big hugs~