Friday, February 12, 2010

A Weekend

Via Snippet&Ink

I have a confession...
I LOVE the color RED

We'll be having a reception at a beautiful B&B in our hometown

A few weeks after our wedding

I'm hoping to sneak in a little PUNCH of color

It's just so darn vibrant and fun!

I hope you all have a  Valentine's Day

We'll be spending it in Charleston, where apparently we will not be escaping the snow

Wishful thinking ;)


  1. Hello,
    your mom just left a comment on my blog. I am glad she did, I found your cute blog. Can't wait to follow you. I hear you have a wedding coming up in May. Congratulations.
    Take Care,

  2. I hope you had a good weekend and I love the color red too...!! Can't wait to see photos of your wedding...waiting patiently!