Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We had a nice trip to Charleston this weekend
It was quick.
I think we spent the same amount of time in the car as we did in Charleston.

These are the doors to the beach house we'll be renting the week of the wedding. 
It's Amazing!
We met up with the girls (Liz and Meg) at Starbucks
 early Saturday morning to knock out some final details.

I managed to sneak in enough time to get my hair and make-up done.
A little trial run for the wedding.
I feel really silly in this picture.

I usually don't wear much make-up so I feel very "done up" so to speak.
Not to mention I am in SERIOUS need of a tan!
I'm not 100% positive I'll follow through with this look for the wedding day.

We shall see.

I thought I was going to escape the snow at least for the weekend.
I thought WRONG!
I managed to snap this photo as the sun was coming up on our way into town on Saturday.
I hope you'll had a WonderFul Tuesday. 
It felt like a Monday for me.
 I didn't have to work yesterday.


  1. Oh you look gorgeous!!! Hang in there through the snow..Spring is coming soon!

  2. hello hot stuff!
    I REALLY want to make it to the wedding...
    and i will really try.
    you are adorable.

  3. Hey girlie...sweet, pretty Ashley!!! How are you??? That wedding just keeps getting more and more amazing, doesn't it?! The beach house sounds so awesome!!!

    Hope you're doing good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

    p.s. where's some pics of the furniture you've been painting? :)

  4. Your makeup looks soo pretty!
    You will be such a beautiful bride!
    Angela Harris