Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whatcha been upto?

Just Rattin'

Meet Rosie

NateR's new pet

It takes some getting use to

But she's awfully cute

and quite funny


  1. You're a brave girl...I am deathly afraid of mice (I know it's kind of silly but I am)...seriously one of my worst fears is that I'll find a mouse in the house one day and then I'll never feel at ease in here again...probably insist on moving!

    Happy Wednesday girlie!

    :) T

  2. She is cute! not my kind of pet, but I don't know I could get to liking her!!

  3. Ha. Cute. I have purchased mice as pets for my children in years passed and could not stand the smell. Guess I have a sensitive nose. Very cute picture!

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  5. You forgot to say that Rosie is a dumbo-eared "rat" like from the movie Ratatouille! :)

    PS I went to your blog from my favorites page and it posted the comment as if from you not me??...sorry so I fixed it...ly