Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Have you ever had your car stolen?

This weekend my mom came up for a visit. She drove 2 1/2 hours to spend the weekend with me.

Thanks Mom!

We had appointments in a nearby city to try on wedding dresses. The boys (all the boys on my dads side of the family met at the lake in NC for my grandpa's birthday/fishing trip) They had a great time, made lots of memories, and I'm sure will have lots of stories to tell come Thanksgiving.

I digress

All Sounds fun right?!? Well it was. For the boys the whole weekend was fun. For my mom and I, the fun ended Sunday about 11:15 AM.

Until that point, mom and I had been running around town looking for a piece of furniture to sit my T.V. on. Without much luck we decided it was lunch time and we would go pick up my cousin's girlfriend for lunch. She too was left home alone for the weekend as her man was part of the big Birthday Bash.

We head over to pick up "M" from her apartment. Park, run upstairs, look at her new apartment, pet their new dog, and proceed to the car. Did I ever mention I live in a college town?? Didn't think so... This is an important part of this story.

So...We get down the stairs, the car is GONE!!!!! Did you hear me GONE!!! Oh my sweet Jesus, I know I skipped church today, but are you serious... My Car???? Gone...

Panic stricken.. I run down the hill... Did I forget to pull the E-brake and it rolled? Surely Not!!

Who would take my car... oh wait... I live in a college town...

And yes... Both my mom and I's purses, in the front seat... Yep you read that right... DUMB!!!!

I call 911, tell them the car is stolen, they don't care, they say I have to call every towing company in town to verify it hasn't been towed. We call the towing company listed on their parking lot... Nope... She's says they don't have it...


We drive very quickly to the State Police barracks. They graciously offer to help. In the meantime my mom is calling and canceling our credit/debit cards.... The police make some phone calls, they say they've located my car.


We drive really quickly to the towing company, no one is there, remember... it is a Sunday!

While we wait on the driver... roughly errr 20 minutes... we look at my car through the gates...

OMG they've dented the front of my car.... OH THEY ARE SO PAYING FOR THIS.... We rant and rave about this for a few....

Then I keep looking....wait a second...

My car doesn't have a licenses plate on the front. I press the panic button on my keys....



Someone stole my car, I knew it!

We drive to the city Police Station, drop my mom off, find somewhere to park, get inside.The Officer gives me a list of license plate numbers, I locate mine, we call home, have my grandma run to our house to get the vin # off an insurance statement, we verify the number.

The officer calls the towing companys locates "my" car, not the one they "thought" was mine, we drive to pick it up. Yep, the first place we called, besides 911 of course had my car the WHOLE TIME!!!

This entire situation could have been avoided!

Honestly, the tow truck driver had to have been watching my mom and I, We were in "M's" apartment no longer than 10 mins.


Oh yes, did I mention we paid $150 to get my car back?!?!

Oh the joys of a living in a college town.

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  1. YIKES girl, that's rough! Really rough! But, at least, I take it your purses were in tact! Looking forward to seeing you and your lovely mom at CL Fair!!!

    :) T