Thursday, September 17, 2009

My girls and their dresses

I found the girl's dresses this week.
I was so excited when I stumbled upon them while browsing the Ann Taylor website.
Who knew Ann Taylor had a bridesmaid line?!?!
The best part....
They were under $70
My maid of honor will be wearing a different dress than my three bridesmaids.
They are both adorable!
If you are interested in checking them out you can click here for the maid of honor ( the flower sash is removable and will be worn with the flowers in the middle of the waist) and here for the bridesmaids.

I've got some really exciting wedding news to share soon!! :)


  1. Oh but you forgot to tell us that they are a lovely bright PINK color....

  2. I am so excited that I KNOW the news!!!!!

  3. why is your mom's blog private??????

  4. Ditto what Kasey said about your mom's can I stop by and say howdy to her?! I had such a great time with you girls - still laughing about the tooth fairy comment!!!!!!

    :) T

  5. ok
    so the rumor is your mama's blog is private
    knock knock
    i'm trying to visit
    tell her paige says i need an invite
    oh & ps ashley
    looking for another country living fair sequel